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Justin & Annel

April 8, 2019

Filed in: Engagement

The story of Annel and Justin: We don’t always like to admit it, but we met on social media. Her profile picture was a headshot of her putting this gorgeous smile on that I couldn’t stop staring at. The only thing her biography said was “I love tacos”, and I couldn’t help but message her. We talked every day, all day, about whatever was on our minds. I finally gathered up the courage to ask her on a date. When I saw her smile when I pulled up, I was so overwhelmed. It was one thing to see it in a picture, but to watch her smile bloom was a different story. We had chicken wings and frozen yogurt, and as the night went on I fell more and more in love with Annel. I immediately knew that this woman was going to be my wife. From that date on we grew closer to each other than we had ever been with anyone before. God answered all of my prayers with an organic, smooth, and Christ-centered relationship. About four months later she said yes to my proposal, and I became the most blessed man in the world. When God places someone in your life with such assurance that you are in his good and perfect will, it brings such peace to your heart in a world that fights against it. Being able to do life with Annel and grow closer to God as a united couple, is everything I could ever desire. The fact that we put our trust in God and not in the world around us means that we are built upon the strongest foundation. And with that, we can get through anything life throws our way.

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